Clostridioides difficile

Project title: Inhibition of C. difficile by pro- and synbiotics?

Hospital infections, ribotype 027, multidrug resistance, pathogenic gram positive bacteria, probiotic bacteria

Project Outline

Status: Our project “Inhibition of C. difficile by pro- and synbiotics?” is work in progress. At present, we are in the data acquisition phase.

Objectives: Our research project aims to provide answers to the following questions:

  • Survey among nursing homes
  • How high is the burden caused by diarrhea (often caused by C. difficile infections) for residents and staff of nursing homes?
  • How is diarrhea managed in nursing homes?
  • In-vitro experiments
  • Can different strains of C. difficile (ribotype 001, ribotype 027, J-strain) be inhibited probiotics and synbiotics?
  • Are there differences between the effects of different probiotic and synbiotic preparations?

Remark: This project is performed in cooperation with Prof. Hanna Pituch, Medical University of Warsaw